SmartHit IV


Immunity, Heart, Cholesterol
  • Microencapsulated  liquid form of curcumin and resveratrol.
  • Source of polyphenols for the wellbeing.
  • Produced using patented technology Miosol for efficient absorption.
  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
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SmartHit IV Polifen, 150 ml

Research has shown that curcumin microencapsulated in liposomes can be absorbed up to 6 times better than curcumin powder. Microencapsulation of resveratrol also improves its stability and slow release. In addition, studies reveal that resveratrol increases the bioavailability and stability of curcumin.

The role of curcumin and resveratrol in the body:


  • Turmeric helps:
    -to protect cells from oxidative stress,
    -helps maintain normal functioning of the immune system, nervous system, respiratory system and liver,
    normal liver lipids and blood cholesterol levels.
  • -It also helps maintain a normal appetite and digestion.
  • Japanese knotweed root extract  help to maintain the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.




Extract of curcuma longa 200 mg
Curcuminoids 190 mg
Curcumin 142,5 mg
Japanese knotweed root extract 75 mg
Resveratrol 74,25 mg
Ingredients 5 ml


Shake the bottle before use. Take 5 ml  diluted  in 1/3 glass of water during the meal in the first half of the day. Once opened, store in a refrigerator, use within 2 months. The product can be used by oncological patients to supplement their diet for well-being.

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